Sometimes a password for your Facebook or Instagram account isn’t enough to protect your sensitive data. To improve security, you can enable 2FA Authentication for your accounts and services. Two-Factor Authentication is a 2 steps security process launched when you sign in to your account. After enabling this feature, the service will ask you to choose the second step of your verification. You can choose to use an application that generates one-time codes/tokens for your accounts, such as 2FAS Authenticator App. 2FAS App generates codes offline and changes them every 30 seconds. That way, even if a hacker has your password and tries to log in to your account, he still has to crack your one-time authorization code.

You can easily enable 2FA by using the 2FAS Authentication App for all services that support 2FA with TOTP or HOTP tokens.

We have made short video tutorials to walk you through the configuration of the 2FAS App for chosen services. Please watch the tutorials here:

Once you enable 2FA for a particular service, 2FAS App will generate one-time authorization codes on your phone. You will be asked to enter a code every time you log in to this service. In order to prevent account lockout by losing or damaging your phone, we strongly suggest enabling 2FAS backup to make sure that the codes are safely stored.