Regardless of whether you’ve uninstalled the 2FAS app, lost your phone, reset your phone, or deleted your tokens, unfortunately, we cannot restore your codes. 2FAS Authenticator Application works offline, and codes are stored locally (only on your device).

However, if you’ve turned 2FAS Backup Synchronization on (iCloud or Google Drive – depending on your phone’s OS), you can quickly restore all your codes. Simply turn the synchronization option back on, and all your codes will reappear in the app! Important: you have to use the same Google/Apple account when connecting to Google Drive/iCloud!

The other option to restore your codes is to export a 2FAS backup file from the old device and import it onto the new one.

If you didn’t do any of the above, try these steps to regain access to your account:

If you have generated, written down, or saved the backup codes and/or the Secret Key for your account, you can try using them to log in now. Once you have used your backup codes and have access to your account, you can configure 2FA for your new phone. Or if you have your Serice Key, you can manually add service to the 2FAS app and re-type your Secret Key.

If you don’t have the backup codes, contact your service’s Support Team (e.g. Facebook, Discord). They will either disable 2FA on your account or enable an alternative authentication method such as SMS, allowing you to recover access to your account.